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Springs Road Gun Club

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Springs Road Gun Club conveniently located in Hickory, NC offers an indoor shooting range and pro-shop. Our gun range is equipped with fourteen shooting lanes and electronic target placement from 3 yards all the way out to 25 yards. You can shoot most pistol calibers, shotguns, and some rifles. We have many popular guns available for rental. Our gun range is also approved and equipped for law enforcement qualifications. The range offers hourly rates, as well as monthly and yearly memberships. We have monthly firearm classes that include NRA training courses, North Carolina Concealed Handgun training courses, and we offer advanced level and instructor level training courses as well.


Range Rules and Regulations

Range Specific:

Before entering the building of Springs Road Gun Club, LLC (SRGC), all firearms are to be unloaded, (revolvers: cylinders open & clear) (Semi-AutoS: Magazines out & slides locked back). Before going to the shooting range.

All persons entering the range must present personal identification.
The Range Safety Officer (RSO) reserves the right to check identifications at any time while on the premises.
No refunds on range time, ammunition, or training fees. Store credit may be issued at the discretion of the RSO.

All shooters must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Any shooter under eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by a member, parent or guardian twenty-one (21) years or older. Those who are under eighteen (18) years of age must never be left unattended at any time while on the shooting line. A waiver must be completed & signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Shooters are responsible for their actions including any damage to range property.

Fines for property damage to the range are as follows.
Carrier Cables $75.00 – Booth $75.00 – Bracket $75 – Line $35.00
Items not listed are at the discretion of the RSO.

NOTE: Normal range fees cover general maintenance only, not negligence.


First and foremost, safety is the number one priority while on the range.

Rules of Safe firearm Handling:

Always Treat all Firearms as if they were loaded.
Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
Always Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are on target and are ready to fire.
Always keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use.
Be sure of your target and what is around it and beyond it.

Pointing a firearm at anyone in the range whether the gun is loaded or not, is grounds for permanent expulsion.

North Carolina Statues states that you can be charged criminally for pointing a firearm at another person.

These four basic rules should apply, when storing a firearm, when handing the firearm to someone, & when loading and unloading. Be sure of the muzzle direction and the trigger finger position. Firearms must be operational and the operator must have an understanding of this operation. The firearm owner should read the owners manual their firearm carefully in order to completely understand the operational characteristics of a specific make, model, or type of firearm.

Additional safety rules:

1. Approved Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times when on the firing line.
2. No horseplay, or fighting of any kind will be permitted.
3. No food, drinks, or any tobacco products will be permitted on the firing line.
4. No disputes, arguments, or disagreements of any kind will be tolerated at anytime on the premises.
5. No person who is under the influence of Alcohol, Controlled Substances, or impairing prescription medication, or who appears to be under the influence of such, will not be permitted on the premises. It is still a federal crime to be under the influence of or be in possession of a schedule 6 controlled substances (cannabis, marijuana, etc.) while armed.
6. No one is permitted to go down range, unless the RSO calls a cease-fire and instructs you to do so.
7. Tactical shooting will be left at the discretion of the RSO on duty, providing it can be done in a safe manner.

Anyone found violating these rules will be subject to expulsion and loss of membership.

Health Concerns:

Children under the age of 7 years old and pregnant women should use caution when using the firing range. These individuals are at higher risk for lead exposure, and should consult a physician before using the shooting range.

Due to the exposure of lead it is advised that all shooters wash their hands and face and change their clothing after participating in shooting activities.

Range Officer/Chief Range Officer:

The Range Safety Officer/Chief Range Safety Officer (RSO/CRSO) has absolute authority over the firing range, and all persons therein are subject to commands, orders, and directions of the RSO/CRSO. Any person who violates a command, order or directive, will be subject to expulsion and loss of membership.

The RSO/CRSO has the authority to exclude from the shooting range any person believed not to be physically & mentally capable of firing a firearm safely.

If at any time the RSO/CRSO orders a cease-fire, you must immediately cease firing; unload your firearm and place it on the table in front of you. The firearm must not be removed until instructed to do so by the RSO/CRSO.

At anytime the RSO/CRSO observes any unsafe shooting practice by anyone, he/she will immediately address the problem to the shooter. The problem must then be immediately corrected before the shooter commences firing.

Note: Certified instructors, who are authorized by the range, also follow under this subsection.

Firing Line procedures:

Approved calibers:
Handguns: .22 cal, .25 cal, .32cal, .380 Auto, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, 10mm, .44, .45, .50 AE.
Shotguns: 410 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, 12 gauge, 10 gauge.
Rifles: .22 cal, .223, 7.62×39, 5.7×28, .30 cal carbine, 30-30, 5.45×39, .300 Blackout, .458 Socom, .50 Beowulf, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendal, 6.8 SPC and .308/7.62×51. Certain restrictions apply.

NOTE: 5.56, steel core, armor piercing and tracer rounds are prohibited.

No rapid fire, head shots, or tactical shooting without the permission of the RSO.

All firearms and ammo are subject to inspection prior to shooting and are subject to inspection at any time while on the range.
The RSO reserves the right to deny the use of any firearm or ammunition if they feel that it is unsafe to use on the range.

Any unauthorized use of firearms and ammo will be subject to a $300 fine.

No other firearms are permitted unless authorized by the Club President.

It is the Shooters responsibility to insure that they only shoot ammunition that is designed specifically for their firearm. Consult the owners manual for the type of ammunition that should be used in your firearm. Springs Road Gun Club will not be responsible for any, malfunctions, damages, or injuries involving firearms and ammunition.


Check your safety gear, equipment, and firearms to insure they are working properly.
Check your area to make sure its clear to fire. Once clear, proceed with firing your firearm.
Never leave a loaded firearm lying on the table unattended. If you must leave your booth, unload the firearm and leave the cylinder open on a revolver, and magazines out, slides back on a Semi-Automatic
If you experience any Ammo malfunctions or stoppage, or any other type of issue, or if you need assistance of any kind, keep the muzzle pointed in safe direction (down range), and raise your non-shooting hand to alert the RSO. Do not put your hand down until the RSO comes and assists in clearing the malfunction

Upon completing your course of fire, unload all firearms and magazines/Speed loaders. Place your firearms back in their cases or holsters.

Please be sure to clean up your booth prior to exiting the range. Trash and brass should be picked up and place in their proper receptacle. Please see the RSO If you have any questions as to where trash and brass are to be disposed.

Never attempt to retrieve brass that is lying in front of your booth in the red area.
Please check with the RSO for final inspection before exiting the Range.
Please see the RSO for instructions on how to properly operate the range equipment.

The Club President reserves the right to change, modify & make exceptions to any of the rules and regulation stated in this document at any given time. Each situation will be handled on case-to-case bases.

Refund Policy:

Firearms, custom made holsters, range time, ammunition, & targets are non refundable. Store credit & exchanges may be issued for products not listed above along with a proof of purchase that are unused and are still contained in the original box or packaging. Class fees are non refundable. In the event that you cannot attend you may reschedule or receive store credit.

Customer Pricing Notice:

Due to increasingly high processing rates, Springs Road Gun Club & Hickory Sporting & Tactical will be charging a 3.99% convenience fee on all card transactions.

Membership Policy:

Individual memberships are valid for one person only. Family memberships are valid for a member and a significant other (husband, wife, non- married couple, etc.) and any children in the immediate family under the age of 21 y/o. Once a child turns 21 y/o they will be responsible for their own membership and no longer be covered under the family membership. Each membership includes benefits. Make sure you request a benefit sheet when registering for a membership. Benefit sheets are also available on our website and on the SRGC team app. Member benefits are subject to change at any time. If the benefits do change, the new benefits will be in affect and the old benefits will now be null and void. Only the current benefits will be guaranteed. Memberships activate on the date of purchase and expire after their term. Once your membership expires it will be your responsibility to contact the range to renew your membership. Memberships are non-refundable.

These rules and regulations were made with the intention of keeping everyone safe & to help our facility stay in good working condition. We want you to understand the importance of these rules and follow them while enjoying the shooting range.

Thank you for being a part of Springs Road Gun Club, LLC.